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Midmap Guitar Shares Their Thoughts On The Sound Parcel

February 03, 2017

Have you been wondering about The Sound Parcel?  Dylan, from midmapguitar.com, shares his thoughts on us. 


PROS: This is the easiest way to try out pedals outside of hounding your friends, Fun to navigate website that remembers my info, HUGE selection of pedals to try out for as little as 25 bucks a week, everything comes mailed to you: return shipping packaging, packing label, power supply, everything. Email tells me exactly when I need to send it back so I don't forget. Super rad company with great customer service

CONS: You DO have to give the pedals back after the rental period is over..... SUMMARY: What is @thesoundparcel ? It's a mail-in rental service for guitar pedals. Why should you rent a pedal? Have you laid in bed at night scrolling through Reverb dreaming about "X" pedal, conjuring up creative ways of how you can afford it? When all of sudden good fortune blesses you with an extra 200 bucks, the pedal arrives and sadly you are disappointed? This has happened to me a countless times. The YouTube video review of the pedal sold me, but when I buy it/ try it out the magic just isn't there. Than I have to go and resell the pedal, try to get my money back, etc. The Sound Parcel takes the drama out of the whole process. If you are saving for a Tonal Recall, try it out for a WEEK for 49 dollars. Going in to the studio soon and need multiple drives? Rent the Colour Box, Contraband, and Arc Effects Klone at the same time! Normally before I go into the studio I start Craigslisting everything to get the gear I need for the sound I want. The Sound Parcel has bridged the gap dividing the blue collar guitar player dreaming of upper class tone.


Thanks Dylan!

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