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Rainger FX – Flanger X

February 21, 2023

3. 2. 1... BLAST OFF!

Rainger FX's new Flanger X pedal is built to send you out of the atmosphere with as much NOISE as possible! Let's dig into what this pedal is all about. 

First... it is of course, a flanger with some basic controls. It will go from a simple and slight chorus effect, all the way through to HUGE sweeping modulation. Crank the FBK control to dial in twangy, fast repeats, that will take you into chorus territory. The FLANGE control is meant to adjust the amount of... flange of course. RATE controls the amount of modulation going through your signal.

Now, with the basics out of the way, let's move on to ROCKET! Rocket is really what set's this pedal apart from the flange pedals available. It's digital, with an accurate analog reproduction of a space rocket launch! You won't have to be in Cape Canaveral with ear plugs and sunglasses (unless of course you want to, send TSP pictures if so!) to experience the chest pounding thrill of a rocket launch! It is also envelope controlled! Meaning, it reacts to the dynamics of your playing... play soft and it'll show up just below the surface. Dig in hard and you may need to apologize to the neighbors! You can also choose to turn ROCKET off or have it always on. We are fans of the envelope control though... getting weird is encouraged :) 

Rainger FX Flanger X + Igor Controller

Hear what Rainger FX has to say about the ROCKET sound:

"This is internally generated, and is carefully shaped to have all the 3-D detail of the actual thing, muffled cracks and pops over a huge low roar. At full ‘rocket’ setting, part of the sound is from overloading the input of the digital flanger circuit, creating the final texture of the intense distortion. This means that the ‘PEAK’ LED will probably come on at this point (which is fine and does no harm)."

Strap in and enjoy. Available now!

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