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Release Radar: Bondi Squish As | EQD Zoar | Echo Fix EF-P3 | TE K.O.II

December 13, 2023

TSP's Release Radar sheds light on the latest gear, for the last few weeks leading up to Black Friday! We selected a few of our favorite releases and gave some brief explanations of each. Enjoy and please leave a comment to let us know what you think of the latest from Bondi, EQD, Echo Fix & Teenage Engineering. 


Bondi Squish As


Bondi Effects | Squish As Compressor  

You may be thinking... "Another compressor?" We get it! Fortunately, the minds at Bondi deliver a compressor that may get you excited. Compression is a really tough effect to get right, since you are cutting your tone and dynamics at the interest of less noise and more consistency... (less peaks and valleys). Often, the bi-product of compression is the unfortunate loss of playing dynamics. Squish As nails it with this release... and puts pristine control back in your hands! Sure, you can squish your tone to oblivion... which is handled beautifully. But you can also compress your tone in such subtle ways that you won't believe the nuances and detail that will gracefully float out of your amp.

From Bondi: "At its core, the Squish As features a best-in-class Blackmer® Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) and True RMS Detector. Optical and JFET compressors are popular for their musical character; however, this character often comes with increased distortion, limited dynamic range, and a somewhat unpredictable transfer function. The high-end VCA and True RMS Detector deliver natural, high-fidelity dynamics processing."


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Earthquaker Devices Zoar


Earthquaker Devices | Zoar Overdrive

Speaking of playing dynamics... Zoar (from EQD) delivers extraordinary touch sensitivity. While also grinding noise. In this one small box, you are getting an incredible amount of gain tones... Subtle OD to blow-your-hair-back with a wall of sound Distortion/Fuzz. This one packs it all with a few simple controls. Available now!

From Earthquaker: "Zoar is a medium-high gain discrete distortion (using only transistors; no opamps or diodes in here!) that has that touch sensitive amp-like quality to it that everyone craves. It has been finely tuned to create a highly tweakable hi-fi and modern sounding distortion, but with the ghosts of old school circuitry to deliver a grind that is both instantly familiar and delightfully unique. Want that defined sparkle and tightness of an overdrive? This has it. Want that low-medium gain fuzz that’s perfect for drop tuned guitars and basses? This has it. Want to be able to dial in and control every nuance of your tone from jangly on-the-verge of break up to blowing the walls out heavy saturation? Then this is the pedal for you."


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Echo Fix EF-P3


Echo Fix | EF-P3 Chorus & Vibrato

The now infamous, Echo Fix, is known for their modernized and sonically perfect REAL Tape Delay consoles. Coming direct from their EF-X3 console, is their analog BBD based Chorus and Vibrato effect. Which now means you can bring the same warmth and dripping swirls to your pedal board. Exciting? Oh yes. Click above to learn more about the beautiful EF-P3 from Echo Fix.

From Echo Fix: "The Echo Fix EF-P3 Chorus Vibrato pedal is an analog BBD Chorus pedal with a rich and extended feature set. Designed to be the ultimate chorus pedal, each control has been extended in range for sonic flexibility. From subtle pitch glides to fast Leslie-style wobbles, the wide range of controls makes this pedal extremely versatile and creative.


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Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. II


Teenage Engineering | EP-133 K.O. II

TE redefined their excellent PO-33 K.O, brings you a 1-2 punch and goes PRO, with the EP-133 K.O. II! This oversized calculator Sampler Composer is powerful, intuitive and down right FUN. Create your own tracks on the fly. Trigger the built in samples or create your own with the onboard mic. Add reverb, delay, distortion, filters and more. Then sequence and build and layer and create. Simple, but elegant. Click above to learn all that is packed into the EP-133. Beware, it will be hard to put this sampler down!

From TE: "meet the next evolution of the world's most sold sampler. based on the legendary PO-33 K.O!, the new EP–133 K.O. II adds more power, more sampling capabilities, a fully reworked sequencer and brand new punch-in 2.0™ effects. introducing a workflow that lets you go from idea to track faster than ever. it's pocket operators gone pro.


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