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Ring Modulation Phone's Home!

February 29, 2024

This week, we are touching on what ring modulation is and how you can add this unique effect to your rig! Plus, check out some of our offerings, in this fabled effect genre. 

Ring modulation is a fascinating guitar effect that alters the original signal by mixing it with a modulating signal. This results in distinctive and often otherworldly sounds. Unlike traditional effects like distortion or delay, ring modulation doesn't aim to replicate natural tones but instead creates new, complex textures. At its core, ring modulation works by multiplying two signals together, producing sum and difference frequencies.

When applied to a guitar, ring modulation can produce metallic, robotic, or bell-like tones by modulating the input signal with an oscillator or another waveform source. The modulating signal's frequency determines the intervals and complexity of the resulting sound, allowing for a wide range of sonic experimentation. This effect is can often be heard in experimental music genres, where musicians seek to push the boundaries of traditional sounds.

To achieve ring modulation on a guitar, you will of course need a specialized pedal or effects unit. These pedals allow players to adjust parameters such as modulation depth, frequency, and mix, giving them precise control over the resulting sound. Some pedals include features like: waveform selection and expression pedal compatibility, further expanding the creative possibilities for your playing.

Overall, ring modulation is a powerful tool for musicians looking to add unconventional and experimental sounds to their rig. Whether used sparingly for sonic accents or as the central focus of a piece, ring modulation offers a wealth of creative potential for adventurous musicians willing to explore its unique sonic landscapes.

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TSP is happy to offer multiple options in the Ring Mod category. Below are a few of our favorites!

Red Panda Radius

Red Panda | Radius

The Radius is a ring modulator and frequency shifter with pitch tracking and an advanced LFO. It is designed around a novel "eight-quadrant multiplier" algorithm that smoothly transitions from ring modulation to frequency shifting and allows different frequency ratios for the upper and lower tones. Radius puts complex harmonic structures, bell-like tones, metallic textures, frequency shifting, soft tremolo, and bubbly phaser sounds at your fingertips. Learn more about Radius by clicking on the image. 

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Fairfield Randy's Revenge

Fairfield Circuitry | Randy's Revenge

"At its finest, in a considerably small package, powered by your typical 9V power supply, all analogue, hand stamped, pure sine wave oscillator, low-pass filtered with a touch of class and apparently musical. These are the requirements of warp speed space travel; a regular occurrence when dealing with Randy's hardware." With a description like that - you know you are in for an experimental experience!  Learn more about the feature set, at the image!

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Warm Audio RingerBringer

Warm Audio | RingerBringer

Accurate recreation of the ultimate ring modulator for experimental tones. From light Lo-Fi modulation all the way to the piercing sound of infinity ring-modulation, the Warm Audio RingerBringer accurately recreates the ultimate all-analog ring modulation effect used for experimental tones. Like the original, loved by artists like Jeff Beck, Radiohead, Omar Rodríguez-López, Trent Reznor, and many more, RingerBringer delivers the original distinct set of controls, extensive in/out options, and rich sonic textures to inspire boundless sonic experimentation. Learn more about this accurate recreation, by clicking the image above!

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