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Release Radar: Browne Gritador | EQD Disaster Transport | Spaceman Meridian | 1981 LVL

June 07, 2023

TSP's Release Radar sheds light on the latest gear, for the week of 06.06.23! Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the latest from Browne Amplification, Earthquaker, Spaceman and 1981 Inventions. Get to know them each, below!


1981 LVL

1981 Inventions | LVL 

If you are familiar with 1981 Inventions' effects... you'll know them by their singular offering. Singular because their DRV is just THAT good. It's a classic and a measure of what all other drive's are compared against. Well, we now have a SECOND offering from 1981 Inventions. This one is called... LVL, which was conceived over many years of obsessive development. It is Matt's answer to a full-range low-gain overdrive. Electronic Audio Experiment's John Snyder collaborated on the engineering of this beauty. Significant pedigree and experience is baked into LVL. Tuck it after your favorite fuzz and hear your  signal improve. Place LVL before your favorite overdrive and you will hear more improvements. LVL also sounds fantastic with bass, which is where the "full-range" aspect comes into play. Grab one before they are gone. 1981 does not stick around long in our shop.  Learn more by clicking on the image.

Browse 1981




Spaceman Meridian


Spaceman | Meridian Time Modulator

Spaceman's latest high quality effect is an excellent analog delay with experiment inducing modulation. They say it is their most flexible and sophisticated modulation pedal, to date. If you know Spaceman, you know that is saying a lot. This chipset steers clear of digital pathways, as it comes with the MN3007 analog bucket brigade. They've worked their magic to make sure your signal stays clean and clear, while embracing the characteristic warmth of an analog BBD. Learn more by clicking the image above. 

Browse Spaceman




EQD Disaster Transport


Earthquaker Devices | Disaster Transport Legacy

EQD has been slowly adding to their legacy series. This is one, I think we can all agree... has been long overdue. Disaster Transport is BACK BABY! As usual, EQD was not satisfied to stick with the original, so they made some deep improvements and enhancements. This time through, the delay line is quieter and the quality of repeats has been improved. Jamie and team also modified the tone so it sits closer to the sounds of an analog delay. You also have more control over Mod speed and you can choose what TYPE of Mod to experiment with.

From EQD: "A Mod Mode switch has been added that allows you to choose between bending (Bend) and stretching (Stretch) the modulation wave. The Bend setting offers a subtler vibe closer to a traditional chorus sound, while the new Stretch option gives you loads of pitch-stretching modulation to run wild with." 

Click above to learn more of their improvements!

Browse Earthquaker Devices




Browne Amplification The Gritador


Browne Amplification | The Gritador

Gritador in Portuguese means "screamer"! If that tells you anything about what this pedal is about. The SRV special, or the Tube Screamer! NO, this is not a complete copy, as Browne has tweaked this chipset to perfection.

We'll let Browne do the talking on the tonal qualities: "He dialed in the midrange to be more nuanced. You still get that classic midrange bump but without some of the inherent nasaliness that can sometimes plague this circuit. He altered the clipping to be slightly less symmetrical. He also tweaked the low end to give it more fullness while still maintaining a tight and punchy low end." 

Clearly, more of what we all need, a drive to simply plug into, and rip! Count us in.

Browse Browne Amplification

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