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Release Radar: Darkglass SPOT Series | Blackstar Debut 50R

March 22, 2023

With an abundance of exciting releases each week, we have compiled a new series. TSP's Release Radar! Below you will find the latest and greatest. Get familiar with each product and decide what gear might just be your next addition. Enjoy!



Blackstar Debut 50R

Blackstar | Debut 50R

Blackstar just released an excellent, pedal platform amp. The 50R series of amps do not just LOOK great, they also SOUND great. They are designed to sound like a valve amp, with simplicity at the forefront. "The Debut 50R focuses more on tone and usability rather than unwanted "bells and whistles" - says Blackstar. Interestingly, they still built a reverb into its feature set (choose between plate and  hall). You also have the option to play at practice volumes with a 5W attenuator or keep it at full blast, utilizing the full 50W of power. This is an exciting option for the budding player, or if you just want a no fuss amp for your pedal collection! Click the image to learn more about the Debut 50R's feature set. 

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Darkglass SPOT Series

Darkglass Electronics | SPOT Series

Darkglass has been producing the SPOT Series in the interest of creating approachable and pedal board friendly dynamics. Each pedal in the series is designed with simplicity in mind. Single/simple knob operation, studio grade build quality and operation that will keep you coming back for more. Now, Darkglass just released their latest in the series. NSG - Noise Gate. Learn more below!


 Darkglass NSG


NSG | Noise Gate

The NSG is designed to cut out all unwanted noise from your signal. Even when you have a ton of gain, piled up! This is a huge deal when you can't get that hum or hiss out of your ear. The single knob will adjust the amount of noise you'd like removed. And a further adjustment can be made by pressing down on the single knob, to change between Soft and Hard mode. Soft mode can be utilized for softer gain reduction, while the Hard mode will place you in the more aggressive gated sound control. Clearly this is an extremely useful and versatile tool for any musician, regardless of what instrument you are running through. 


Darkglass B1K

B1K | CMOS Bass Overdrive

The Microtubes B1K is a phenomenal tribute to one of Darkglass' most legendary distortion circuits in a compact and intuitive format. Don't let it's diminutive size fool you, this can get aggressive and gnarly. 2 concentric knobs will take you through many types of sounds and distortion. Can even be considered as an always-on drive. Click above to learn more.



Darkglass DFZ


DFZ | Dual Fuzz Engine

The DFZ is a unique fuzz pedal that contains two discrete fuzz circuits—a gated saw-tooth wave and a raunchy high-gain sound—which can be mixed together to yield a vast selection of distinct sonic textures. Click above to learn more about the controls!

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