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Release Radar: Earthquaker White Light | Beetronics Seabee

March 15, 2023

With an abundance of exciting releases each week, we have compiled a new series. TSP's Release Radar! Below you will find the latest and greatest. Get familiar with each product and decide what gear might just be your next addition. Enjoy!


Earthquaker Devices White Light

Earthquaker Devices | White Light

EQD is making a LOT of fans happy with this release. The White Light is part of their new Legacy Reissue line. Long out of production and HIGHLY sought after and often requested. The White Light is finally back - for a limited time (2000 copies to be exact)! If you've had your eye on one of these, order ASAP! TSP will be shipping after 3/17. What is it??

The White Light is a hard clipping, vintage-voiced overdrive. If you are into hard rock, you've probably heard a similar tone pop up all over your favorite albums! This release is a faithful reproduction of their original, with a much more pedal board friendly format. Voicing is in the range of DOD's OD250, while not being a complete carbon copy. The White Light will give you control over the feel of the dirt channel, while keeping your playing responsive and modern.

From Earthquaker: "We think you’ll find that it is much more dynamic, open and harmonically rich than these classic overdrives it shares its lineage with."  Learn more by clicking the image!

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 Beetronics Seabee

Beetronics | Seabee Harmochorus

Beetronics is shaking it up with this release! Seabee is a zzany and unique chorus pedal. But probably not like any chorus you've ever heard. You might be wondering if this thing will BUZZ... short answer, NO. But hook it up to any dirt/fuzz pedal and you will get into some crazzy territory! Like we said... they are shaking it up! The Seabee is a multi-chorus pedal that produces beautiful analog bucket brigade chorus tones. Of course, Beetronics did not stop there.

The Seabee digitally controls the chorus delay time, which they are coining as "harmochorus." This is a brand new type of effect that will pitch shift modulation in new and un-explored ways. Who knows, you may experience new ways to express your playing and find yourself in a whole new category of sound. Click above to learn more about this new device!  Drop us a comment as we are BUZZING with anticipation with how you'll use the Seabee. (We can't help it) 🌊 🐝

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