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Release Radar: January 2024 Edition!

February 01, 2024

With so many releases, we decided to make a MONSTER Release Radar... showing all the latest pedals from the start of 2024 and a couple from late 2023. Buckle in and get to know the latest effects releases! We'd love to hear what your favorites are from this list.


Keeley Muse Driver


Keeley | Muse Driver  

From Keeley: "The Muse Driver - Andy Timmons Full Range Overdrive is an overdrive workstation that allows you to orchestrate everything from a clean boost to a treble supercharger, a chimey tube-amp overdrive to a square-wave, germanium fuzz generator and more." Find out more about Keeley's Muse Driver by clicking on the image above!

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EAE The Bard


Electronic Audio Experiments | The Bard  

From EAE: "The Bard is a homage to one of our favorite misunderstood amplifiers of the past: the Music Man HD130. Manufactured from 1974 to 1984, these amps combined a solid state preamp with a tube power amp, an unusual choice that lead to them being gravely underrated in their time. But the HD130 and its siblings are some of our favorite amps thanks to their pristine (but not quite vintage) clean tones, trashy overdrive, and very wide frequency response that suits both guitar and bass. We editorialized our favorite parts of it into a compact overdrive pedal: The Bard." Click above to find out more!

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BOSS | VE-22 Vocal Performer  

From BOSS: "Take charge of your vocal sound with the VE-22, a portable multi-effects toolbox specially designed for singers. Perform with a diverse library of high-quality BOSS processing, from basic studio enhancement to dramatic voice-changing effects. Expand your range with real-time harmonies. And get creative with the free-flowing interface and versatile features for practice, recording, and online streaming. With the VE-22 in your chain, you’re primed and ready to deliver memorable, high-impact vocal performances everywhere you sing.

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Walrus SILT


Walrus Audio | SILT  

From Walrus: "Unearth the Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz, a collaborative creation with tube expert Jim Hagerman. Wielding an internal pre-amp tube, the Silt is a two-in-one fuzz that creates massively rich fuzz tones perfect for chords and rhythmic parts or with the press of a switch, adds uniquely harmonic overtones to the signal before hitting the tube. Crafted specifically for those seeking a harmonically rich fuzz experience, the Silt boasts an analog circuit with the distinctive warmth of a 12AU7 tube as its drive section, letting you explore a unique and wild sonic landscape.

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EarthQuaker Devices | Blumes  

From EQD: "As the Plumes® Small Signal Shredder continues to defy our wildest sales expectations, we decided to crank it down a couple of notches and design a similar circuit that is ideal for bass players and all purveyors of low end.

Behold the mighty Blumes® Low Signal Shredder, the first EarthQuaker device created specifically for bass players! The industrious Blumes is also the perfect pedal for guitarists’ deep overdrive needs, especially for the drop-tuned masters.

While embodying most of the kick ass characteristics and features of the Plumes, we went ahead and modified this circuit with double the gain and a deeper bass response to retain all the low end. Lower gain settings provide all of the crunchy tone found in the Plumes, but once you get above noon on the gain control, that’s where the similarities stop. Now you’re in bass country, baby!" Click above to learn more!

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Hudson Broadcast AP-II


Hudson Electronics | Broadcast AP-II  

From Hudson: "The Broadcast AP-II is a dual preamplifier pedal designed in conjunction with guitarist, Ariel Posen. It features two independent, differently-voiced preamplifier circuits which each add their own subtle colour. The first is fitted with a silicon transistor and transformer, bringing the smooth, darker tone of the original Broadcast-AP. The second removes the transformer and replaces the silicon with a germanium transistor, resulting in a brighter, more aggressive tone. Each circuit has a large gain range, and cascading one into the other provides further sonic options, from subtle boosts through to heavily-distorted sounds.

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Science Amplification MOTHER


Science Amplification | MOTHER Preamp  

From Science Amplification: "The Mother preamp is a recreation of its dual channel tube-powered namesake, but refined into pedal format. Just like the full-fledged amp, the Mother preamp is our modern take on the vintage high-wattage sounds of the early 70’s with added tonal range, control, and a voice all its own. The Mother preamp is designed to work equally well on your pedal board and into the front of your favorite amp, into a power amp, and recording interface/DAW (in conjunction with speaker emulation/IRs). The result is a wide-ranging utilitarian dual channel preamp that can add dimension and versatility to your rig with an eerily convincing Science signature tube tone.

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Beetronics Abelha


Beetronics | ABELHA Tropical Fuzz  

From Beetronics: "Through the psychedelic soundscapes of tropicália, fuzz has made its mark on brazil's musical journey. ABELHA, which means "bee" in portuguese, captures the very essence and vintage allure of this tropical fuzz phenomenon. It reimagines this classic vibe, infusing it with a forward-thinking twist, destined to become a timeless classic for the future. 

The ABELHA offers three distinct flavors of fuzz via a toggle switch at the pedal's center. "Polen" delivers a sagged and spitty tone reminiscent of a dying battery on a germanium fuzz style. "Nectar" provides a round and huge-sounding fuzzy option, while "honey" offers slightly more contained gain with impressive versatility. The "buzz" and "loud" controls adjust the fuzz and volume, while the "hi" and "lo" controls provide a versatile range to shape your EQ to perfection." 

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GFI Enieqma


GFI System | Enieqma

From GFI: "Enieqma is a multipurpose equalizer that packs a 5-band full parametric EQ, a ‘simple EQ class’ featuring 7 classic tone stacks (Baxandall, Tilt, Fender, Marshall, and Vox amps tone control, etc.), and a 3-band midrange equalizer that emulates the Pultec Midrange EQ processor. Enieqma offers unprecedented equalization capabilities in a pedal format.

Enieqma features true stereo EQ processors. The Left (L) and Right (R) channels EQ parameters may be linked or set independently. The high-contrast display provides invaluable visual feedback and spectral information by rendering the stereo EQ curves simultaneously. Flexible input/output routing  options augments the stereo capability even further, allowing seamless connections with other mono and stereo devices." Click above for more details!

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