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Release Radar: Keeley Parallax | SolidGoldFX Beta-V

March 31, 2023

TSP's Release Radar sheds light on the latest gear, for the week of 03.27.23! Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the latest from Keeley and SolidGoldFX. Jump on these releases before they are gone. 


SolidGoldFX Beta-V

SolidGoldFX | Beta-V Bass Preamp

If you are a bass player AND love your thick/textured tone, you probably know the struggle of lugging around a back breaking tub amp head. Thick, sultry tone doesn't come easily, especially with the ability to cut through the mix! SGFX have perhaps found the answer... A lightweight, pedal board friendly bass preamp.... called BETA-V! Check out what SGFX have to say about this intriguing release:

"Yes, we all know the convenience of a lightweight “sub 10 lbs” bass head that pumps out 500 watts and a neo cab that doesn’t require a roadie crew or chiropractor is great, but there is something extremely satisfying in the way that big, old Ampeg-style tube setups compress, clip and round out your signal. However, With the BETA-V you can finally have the best of both worlds - bone-shaking mojo-packed dirt, all wrapped up in modern and easy to use convenience." Learn more about the BETA-V by clicking the image!

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Keeley Parallax

Keeley | Parallax Spatial Generator

Keeley has just released back into the wild a fascinating pedal that is sure to get you salivating.. of course, IF you are into shoegaze, sound experimentation, or simplifying your pedal board. The limited release, Parallax, features reverb, delay, modulation and pitch bending... in one compact foot print. Keeley has based this one on their incredible Caverns modulated delay – as well as their Realizer's modulated, pitch bending and reverse reverb chipsets. With these 2 chipsets combined, you get the perfect shoegaze texture. Also, if your guitar does not have a tremolo bar, no worries! The Reverse Reverb mode features an envelope triggered vibrato... (Instant Kevin Shields effect!) 

Here's what Keeley has to say: "On one side of the Parallax, analog-style modulated delays create a soft bed of warm repeats, while the other side builds Reverse setting-vibrato swirls (great for those who don’t have a vibrato arm on their guitar) to ambient modulations to form perfect pools of reverb reflection. When both sides are paired together, the Parallax offers the perfect end-of pedalboard solution for Shoegaze, Ambient, and Experimental tone seekers." Exciting stuff! Click the image above to learn more.

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