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Release Radar: Milkman The Amp STEREO | Echo Fix EFP2 | Earthquaker Ledges

August 10, 2023

TSP's Release Radar sheds light on the latest gear, for the week of 08.11.23! Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the latest from Milkman, Echo Fix, Earthquaker. Get to know them each, below!


Earthquaker Devices Ledges


Earthquaker Devices | Ledges 

EQD's latest reverb, coined as Ledges: a Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine! If you are a fan of on-board amp reverbs, this one will be of significant interest to you. Since it is Earthquaker, clearly you have the option of getting atmospheric and moody and pushing past what any amp reverb could deliver! Tri-Demensional = Room, Hall and Plate reverb effects, all in one pedal board friendly device. Go from subtle, below the surface reverberations, all the way to dripping reflections of your notes, floating in another dimension. When you find a sound that you love, save it in one of the 6 available presets. Available now!

From Earthquaker: "Ledges can go from an ‘80s slapback reverb mix to a bigger room spring reverb with a twist of the dials. The Mix knob lets you control how much your signal is affected, while the Length knob controls the size of the reverb. The Damping knob subtly mutes the high-frequency reflections of the reverb, which you’ll hear clearly by adjusting your gain." 

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Echo Fix EF-P2 Spring Reverb


Echo Fix | EF-P2 Spring Reverb

Keeping in the vein of amp based effects, this time brought to you by Echo Fix! Echo Fix is known for their VERY excellent reproductions of Roland's Space Echo tape delay consoles (actual true, analog tape)... So, when they announced a REAL spring reverb PEDAL... we at TSP (and the rest of the gear world)  got very excited. The EF-P2 does NOT disappoint. Built with a 3 spring tank, yes 3 actual springs, viewable through a glowing window. 4 knobs: 2 band EQ (bass & treble), spring drive (think: a pre-amp for the springs!) and reverb volume. Plus a true sound meter for professional use and a 2nd control for turning wet/dry on or off (off to hear just the reverberations with out any drive). All that to say, this thing kicks! Crank the spring drive and reverb volume and you are in ethereal metallic reverberation world, pull it back and get surfy. And everything in between.. is just magnificent. No springs in your amp? No problem. Thank you Echo Fix!  

From Echo Fix: "The Echo Fix EF-P2 is a real Spring Reverb pedal that packs a huge sound into a small enclosure. With increased voltage rails for studio use, the EF-P2 can accept line level inputs from synths and other audio devices, not just guitar."

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Milkman The Amp STEREO


Milkman Amps | The Amp STEREO

Milkman is known for their boutique, hand made amps with gorgeous tone and enviable design aesthetics. They know a thing or two about amps. They also offer pedal amps.. and with their latest release, they've opened up the ability to run their excellent tones.. in stereo. The Amp STEREO has a ton of features and versatility. 

From Milkman: "The Amp Stereo is the newest release in Milkman Sound’s series of amplifiers in a pedal format. Following on the heels of The Amp and The Amp 100, Milkman has a newly designed, fully stereo amplifier design with many extra features that will surely make this amplifier an essential part of any musician’s toolkit.

There is now an elegant, analog, easy to use end of the chain solution for players using stereo effects featuring Milkman's cab sim sweetener, a stereo headphone amplifier and two powerful channels of amplification." 

Click the image for more details!

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