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Teenage Engineering: 10 years of OP-1

April 28, 2021

Teenage Engineering is celebrating 10 years of OP-1’s existence. The OP-1 is their first born synthesizer that has rewritten what a portable synth can do, turning the industry upside down. From it’s all-in-one portable synth, sampler and controller layout – to it’s built in FM radio and customizable G-force sensor for motion controlled effects, there truly is nothing quite like it. It’s also modular so you can add or take away as much as you want, which helps you carve out your own personalized sound, with out complication. There is so much to be said for this little wonder... we won’t steal Teenage Engineering’s thunder to explain all about it.

The Celebration
They are celebrating this 10 year mile stone by launching a beat challenge and a brand new website, focused on their 10 year anniversary. The website will have content never seen before, along with a new shop based solely around the OP-1. It is there where you will have a chance to read so much more about this beauty. If that wasn’t enough excitement, they are also
lowering the price of their first born to $1121 / €1121 / £1121. Is that number pulled out of a hat somewhere? Nope. It is a discreet nod to the lifetime of OP-1 (2011-2021)... T.E calls it ‘1121. Poetry!

The Contest
The number 10, isn’t just for the first time T.E launched the OP-1, it also marks the first time they launched their beat contest, in 2011. Ten years later it is time for a revisit of this contest. The winners of this contest will be chosen by a jury of artist / producer Nosaj Thing and TĀLĀ, along with Teenage Engineering. The OP-1 beat contest started 4/14 and goes until 5/21 and is open for everyone around the world. Winners will be announced 5/28/2021.

The Company
Who is Teenage Engineering? As you probably know by now, they develop highly acclaimed products for people (like us!) who love sound, music and design. Their first product (OP-1) is used by artists the world over, and was unveiled officially in 2010. 4 years later, they created the OD-11 which is an ortho (upright) directional wireless loudspeaker and was exclusively launched at MoMA nyc. 2 years later in 2016, they launched the affordable and ever popular
pocket operator synth.

T.E currently has 9 flavors to choose from. In 2018 the OP-Z was born as a multimedia synth and sequencer. 1 year later they dabbled and re-wrote what we know as modular synthesizers with Pocket Operator Modular. And they continue to release re-imagined and brand new categories in sound, music and design. Teenage Engineering is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Now, go forth and explore more of who they are!


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