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Release Radar: Spaceman Ixion | Walrus Audio Fable | DSM Black Clouds

March 08, 2023

With an abundance of exciting releases each week, we have compiled a new series. TSP's Release Radar! Below you will find the latest and greatest. Get familiar with each product and decide what gear might just be your next addition. Enjoy!


Walrus Audio Fable

Walrus Audio | Fable

Behold, Walrus Audio's latest release in their 'Storybook Sonic Adventure' series. And this one will make your playing chirp and regurgitate in only the most beautiful ways! Walrus is calling the Fable a Granular Soundscape Generator, and that seems about right. But first, why "Fable"? As legend has it, there are a clan of old Treefolk, who, in early spring, graft their own limbs to grow their young. They splice bits of branches from each generation, to make the next generation of Treefolk, keeping previous generations relevant and present. This all produces sounds that are both old and very new – otherwise known as... Fable! 

Fable chops and splices as you play through, creating soundscapes only possible through it's onboard digital system. Using the 5 presets, you are encouraged to find new and uncharted sonic landscapes ranging from smooth, flowing ambience; to bizarre, organic reverberance; to chaotic, glitchy storms. We can't speak for you, but this is a pedal that requires your ears to understand fully. Learn more by clicking the image!

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 Spaceman Ixion

Spaceman | Ixion

Spaceman recently released their modern take on a classic design... Ixion: Optical Photocell Compression. Stay tuned on an upcoming Circuits Blog post outlining the glory and history of Photocell Compression. In typical Spaceman fashion, this is not just simply a compression tool, but a sonic exploration device the features a smooth, fat tone. They spent a lot of time on the development of Ixion.. and it shows. Ixion opens you up to a multitude of tonal and dynamic options, that allow you to utilize their compressor on more than just guitar. With use of the side chain option, a world of experimentation opens up. Click above to learn more about what this device offers you and your pedal board. 

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DSM Humboldt | Black Clouds

DSM's latest amp in a box, Black Clouds, is "The Ultimate Distortion." If you've been dreaming of the perfect riff medium and chug fest, your dreams are realized! A couple headlines that should peak your interest: "AGGRESSIVE & ARTICULATED, YET QUIET," "NOT ANOTHER CLONE, AGAIN," "A PLETHORA OF OPTIONS." Coming from DSM, we tend to agree. Plus an excellent 3-band EQ to really narrow in your tonal options. Click above to learn more!

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