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Warm Audio: Faithful Recreations of Vintage Classics

July 05, 2023

Warm Audio was founded on the principle of designing high quality, studio grade devices, at an affordable price. WA's sound engineers have painstakingly gone through some of the most important devices of times past, and recreated them as faithfully as is possible. Learn more about Warm Audio's latest pedal releases, below!



Warm Audio Mutation Phasor II


Mutation Phasor II | Analog Phasor

If you are into that swirly phasor sound of the 70's and early 90's, Warm Audio has what you've been looking for. The Mutation Phasor II... Looks alone brings you back to a simpler, fun and experimental time. Between these 3 knobs, you have a LOT of options and ground to cover. Take it from slow and shallow movements all the way up to ecstatic almost ring-mod hyper ray gun territory... and of course everything in between. Cranking the feedback knob will bring you into scooped voice tones. Rediscover the sounds of yesterday and see how current these tones STILL are.

From Warm Audio: "Adding the Mutation Phasor II to your rig is like adding a new instrument. Fine-tuning the depth of the modulation just right and timing the speed to sync perfectly with the tune takes you back to old-school gigging and recording. For those looking for a truly unique phaser experience, send the phase shifts into overdrive by dialing up the feedback, emphasizing the “wooshes” of the pedal." Learn more by clicking on the image above!




Warm Audio Centavo


Centavo | Professional Overdrive

Look familiar? Most likely you know exactly what this is: one of the most hyped and sought after overdrives, of all time. Long out of production and always causing a frenzy of activity (as well as causing a hurt on your bank account, IF you can find one)... Enter the good people at Warm Audio, who've created a highly accurate and affordable recreation of the original. It is absolutely a beautifully transparent drive, keeping the sound of your amp in tact, only making it sound bigger and more intricate. WA upped the ante, by adding a mod switch that keeps your low-end response intact when you roll the Gain UP. Either way you choose, there is no losing and it'll immediately become your favorite always-on pedal. 

From Warm Audio: "Whether you're after the fabled clean boost tones, transparent overdrive, or you want to push your dirty channels to true grit, the Centavo has all of the adored tones of the vintage box."




Warm Audio ODD V1


ODD Box V1 | Hard-Clipping Overdrive

The Comic Sans logo and thumb screws may give it away... welcome back to the early 2000s and the sound of a cranked amp. While the original may be tough to get your hands on, Warm Audio has faithfully recreated a classic. Go from transparent boost to full on saturated cone sounds, with a twist of a knob. You also can choose between the classic sound of UK amps, or US amps, with a flip of a toggle switch. Watch that volume, when you do. 

From Warm Audio: "The ODD brings the coveted “amp-in-a-box” tone to any stage or studio. With a high degree of touch sensitivity combined with powerful drive and tone controls - the ODD sounds like a full stack regardless of volume. The added versatility of the UK/US switch ensures that any guitar or amp will deliver a true cranked-amp tone in any setup."


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