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Release Radar: EAE Sending 2 | Aguilar AG | Walrus Audio Sloer | Strymon BRIG

July 20, 2023

TSP's Release Radar sheds light on the latest gear, for the week of 07.17.23! Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the latest from Electronic Audio Experiments, Aguilar, Walrus Audio & Strymon. Get to know them each, below!


Walrus Audio Sloer


Walrus Audio | Sloer Ambient Reverb 

If you'd prefer to keep your head in the clouds (which, who doesn't!?), Walrus Audio's latest: Sloer, may be your answer! If you are familiar with their original Slo reverb offering, Sloer (as the name suggests) brings you more of what you've come to love. Walrus added 2 additional reverb algorithms, stereo width control, extra modulation wave shapes and the ability to control your sample rate. In other words, a lot of extra parameters to play around with and narrow in the exact ambient texture you've been dreaming of. You are also able to save your favorite settings. 

From Walrus Audio: "The five-way rotary dial allows five different reverb modes - the three you know and love from the Slö: Dark (Lower Octave), Rise (Ambient Swell), and Dream (Latching Pad); and the addition of two new modes: Rain (Delay Tap Diffusion) and Light (High Octave Shimmer). Secondary functions on the dial change between five different wave shapes for modulation on the reverb trail. Combine deep modulation, long washy trails, and an immersive stereo field to experience Slöer." 

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Electronic Audio Experiments SENDING V2


Electronic Audio Experiments | Sending V2 Analog Delay

EAE's second iteration of Sending is here and it. is. WORTH the wait! Fully analog utilizing 2 BBDs along with analog processing magic.. this will cover a LOT of ground, and sound insanely beautiful along the way. Since EAE is often known for their meticulously detailed gain, John matched the perfect sounding preamp with the natural warmth that comes from analog bucket brigades. Often, the benefit of a digital delay is clear and pristine repeats, well this fully analog processing path is able to produce clean repeats, even when extending the delay time to the max (1 sec). John and his team have worked a long and hard time on bringing this out to reality and we couldn't be more excited to offer this special box! Learn more about Sending V2 by clicking on the image above.

From EAE: "Sending is our love letter to the antiquated yet enduring technology of analog delay. As you explore its many shades of interplay between past and future, we hope you find it as immersive as we do."

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Aguilar AG Preamp/DI


Aguilar | AG Preamp/DI Pedal

From Aguilar: "The AG Preamp pedal inherits the renowned AG amplifier’s tight, fast response and extensive tonal flexibility, making it an essential component for discerning bassists. With its powerful 4-band EQ, the AG Preamp lets you sculpt your tone with finesse, adapting to any musical genre or playing style. From warm and punchy to bright and articulate, the pedal delivers unrivaled control and responsiveness. Foot-switchable broadband “deep” and “bright” controls further enhance your sound, providing added depth and presence for a rich and natural sonic impact." 

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Strymon BRIG


Strymon | BRIG Digital Bucket Brigade Delay

Strymon released their latest delay, which now incorporates 2 digital bucket brigade chips (and no, this has nothing to do with their Brigidier). Meaning, you have the option of getting incredibly atmospheric/reverb-y. You can get up to a second of delay time and as short as your favorite slap back delay sound. The beauty of BRIG is the clarity you can achieve with the repeats, while also saving some warmth and subtle grit, that ordinarily comes from an analog BBD. Since you have 2 digital BBDs built in (3205 and 3005), you can choose between each voicing, or combine the 2 for truly unique etherial/spacey sounds. The choice is yours.     

To learn more about these chipsets, here's what Strymon has to say: "The 3205 voice delivers gritty repeats that can morph as it feeds back, creating sounds ranging from gorgeous slapback echoes to psychedelic sci-fi effects. The 3005 voice recreates a dual MN3005 BBD chip circuit for longer delay times and warm repeats with a soft, dreamlike quality. The Multi voice features two cross-coupled, super-clean dBucket delay lines with golden ratio timing to create complex soundscapes and a huge stereo soundfield that remains musical and clean even while sitting on the edge of self-oscillation."

Click the above image for more details!

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